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hepatitis symptoms and treatment

hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver due to some viral infection or due to some diseases like jaundice, viral jaundice, amoebic dysentery, viral gastro-enteritis, acute dyspepsia, colitis, diarrhoea, gastritis, duodenitis, cholangitis (inflammtion of the bile duct), chole-cystitis (inflammation of the gall-bladder) and cholecystolithiasis (presence of stone or stones in the gall-bladder).  Infectious hepatitis is transmitted by food or drink contaminated by germs causing infectious jaundice, or viral (epidemic) jaundice. This infectious hepatitis or viral jaundice is further transmitted from man to man through physical contact. It commonly occurs in those areas where the sanitation is poor. Infectious hepatitis or jaundice has an incubation period of 15-40 days. Hepatitis is also seen among drunkards, drug-addicts. Serum hepatitis (here serum means blood plasma) is the blood hepatitis, and is transmitted by infected blood or transfusion of fluid into blood vessel through infected hypodermic needles. Serum hepatitis can be fatal and patient may die because of the liver damage caused by the disease. During any type of hepatitis, complete bed rest is advised and alcohols are strictly avoided.
Symptoms : hepatitis has pale yellow skin, pale yellow eyes, patient feels chilly, very ill, with general weakness, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting and pain in joints of the body. The yellow colour of the skin appear after one week of the infection and persists for three weeks, but patient remains infectious throughout this period.
Homeopathic treatment : Acon, Ars, Bry, Chel, China, Chionanth.