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Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, was born April 10th, 1755, and diet July 2d, 1845. It is easy to show that when he advanced his new doctrine he not only made opposition to the spirit of medicine of that time, but that he necessarily paid his tribute to the latter by planting the roots of the new system into the old soil. We know from his biography that he withdrew in disgust from the old shallow mode of practice, and devoted himself for some time to the more fruitful study of chemistry.
 The first conception of his future doctrine came to him while translating into German Cullen's Materia Medica. He was impressed with the contradictory views of the action of Cinchona, and resolved to prove it on himself. He was now strong and healthy, and the symptoms which this drug produced in him were similar to those of intermittent fever, which he had had eight years previously. He distinctly remarks, however, that the drug did not produce in him any chills. It has been frequently urged against homoeopathy that Cinchona does not produce symptoms of intermittent fever in everybody, and as homoeopathy dates its origin to this experiment, it has been declared deceptive and fallacious. We are trying to follow our great masters